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Sharing Resources Extends Value

Have you noticed all of the opportunities around town to share resources? You can pick up a rental car in one part of town and drop it off at another. You can rent a bicycle or a car right outside of the classroom and drop it in another area of campus. You can rent a vacation home from a complete stranger and even rent an evening gown. According to Lisa Gansky, author of The Mesh, this is the “future of business.”  This business model takes advantage of purchasing an item of value one time and renting it to other users, therefore extending the value of the item purchased. From the consumer’s perspective, money is saved by “reducing costs associated with owning things.”

About a year ago, I read Lisa Gansky’s book, The Mesh, and watched her TED talk. I possessed only a vague aware of the many opportunities in our community to share or “mesh.” However, I was very aware of my desire to collaborate with other businesses in our region, and I remember thinking, why do so many organizations provide similar products and/or services? I thought the community would be better served if businesses and nonprofit organizations worked together, collaborated even. Then I learned about Nucleus CoShare!

Nucleus is a non-profit organization based in the Oregon District, Dayton, Ohio for startup businesses. Businesses share or co-habit an office space, which encourages collaboration, idea sharing, and brainstorming. Membership pay a fee to participate and to rent a desk.

Our work environment has changed over the past decade. More and more small business owners abstain from the traditional office.

“I chose a non-traditional office for my business primarily due to finances,” said Wendy Larson, owner/operator of TAPSNAP 1178. She explained her preference for the shared resource solution: “As a small business start-up, we simply do not have the funds for a traditional office setting. Working from a ‘home’ office was enticing at first—who doesn’t want to work in their PJs? Unfortunately, the reality is that I find productivity suffers (at least, for me) without a traditional office. I’m very grateful for the mesh opportunities—it provides the best of both worlds!”

Nucleus gives small business owners the opportunity to share in an office space, conference room, and even a photo studio. Businesses no longer have to invest in brick and mortar. For more information on Nucleus CoShare, see the web site at:

I am inspired and looking for ways in which Women in Business Networking can mesh with other organizations and share space and/or resources. I hope you are inspired as well and I look forward to hearing what you are doing to “mesh.”

If you are interested in learning more about mesh businesses, Gansky shares a directory of mesh businesses ranging from accessories to waste management. I also encourage you to watch her TED talk at:

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