Women Changing Business

Is it just us, or are you also noticing woman entrepreneurs are getting more attention these days?

Woman Changing Business

Is it just us, or are you also noticing woman entrepreneurs are getting more attention these days? Women, through the decades, have made strides in every industry and discipline. From technology to entertainment and sports, women have challenged male dominated corners of business, thriving and creating paths for our modern-day women entrepreneurs.

If you need some inspiration or are curious about what women are doing to change the world, take a look at some of these inventive and creative women.

 Julia Taylor Cheek, CEO and Co-Founder

EverlyWell  is a digital health startup that offers consumer-ordered, convenient at-home, health testing with easy-to-read results. Julia was frustrated with her own diagnostic testing experience and saw an opportunity to rethink health and wellness testing.

Amanda Signorelli, CEO

Techweek is a purpose-built conference that holds events in 8 cities throughout the country. Striving to help local tech businesses network and grow. Amanda created Techweek on the theory that ‘Hero Companies’ or companies that have achieved sustainable success, can serve as a platform from which others can be created and flourish. According to Amanda, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Cynthia Ndubuisi, Entrepreneur

Cynthia is only 26 years old. She is a serial entrepreneur with the creation of three, that we know about, companies that are changing the world. First up, EverGlow. This soap company filled the need for a non-toxic, plant derived and biodegradable dish soap in Nigeria.  Next Cynthia created Kadosh Production Company to revolutionize cassava processing, a shrub that is a major source of carbohydrates in Nigeria. Processing this plant is helping improve the lives and livelihood of women farmers in that region.

Tory Burch, CEO

Tory Burch is a successful fashion designer and entrepreneur in her own right. What most don’t know is that she is also on the Board of Directors for Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She gives her time and talents to her ‘year- round cause’ by often using her website to regularly raise funds for and bring awareness to breast cancer.


Success is not just for men. These women recognized a need, identified waste or were inspired by suffering. They took all of that information and experience and made a difference. We encourage you to look around. What do you see? Challenge yourself. And you just may be the next woman changing the world.


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