Call For Speakers

The 2020 WiBN Annual Leadership Conference

Hello Women In Business! We’re very excited to announce we are accepting speaker proposals for the 2020 WiBN Leadership Conference, held at the Sinclair Conference Center in Dayton, OH. on September 23rd, 2020.


WiBN represents a diverse collective of women from all walks of life and professions, a commonality we all share is our direction: upwards. More than just moving forward to get from where we are to where we want to be, we support and empower each other in rising to the levels of success to which we individually aspire, for:

Every Woman. The one beside you at your table, at your job, in your organization, in your family…in your circle of friends—the “one” in “one-on-one,” helping each other, hand in hand.

All Women. As a whole, helping to scale up as a group towards better employment, just wages, equal opportunities and roles that we deserve.

Ourselves. Taking ownership and control to have our own back in getting to where we want to go on our personal journeys and on our terms.

Going up? Oh, yes. Always AND together. Hold…that…door.

Important Dates:

  • Deadline to submit a proposal: March 13, 2020
  • Notification to applicants: March 27, 2020
  • Final proposals, final bios, and head shots for selected speakers due: April 1, 2020

Who we're looking for:

Diverse topics and speakers

We seek presenters who share cutting-edge ideas, inspire and enlighten our attendees with discussions conveying the fundamentals for growing our participants’ leadership, professional

and personal growth skills.  We seek topics based on our surveys, success of past events, timeliness and relevance to industry professionals. Sample topics could include:

Leadership & Mentoring

  • Workplace bullying – Standing up for yourself
  • Gaining mentors and becoming one
  • Women on the web – the power of social media to create and effect change
  • Leading with authenticity


  • Building up women around you
  • Pay & Equality – Strategies to bridge the pay gap –
  • Negotiation skills –  for the raise, promotion or contract
  • New Generation of Leaders – Innovation from Millennials and Gen Z
  • Hard work and talent aren’t always enough – how to position your ideas for success
  • Getting more Women on Boards

Personal Development:

    • Networking
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Switching your career when life gives you a u turn – Half-time
  • Confidence
  • Gain by Giving

Speaker Responsibilities

Provide high quality and engaging educational presentations complete with strategies and insights that can be immediately put to use.

  • Engage attendees through audience participation and discussion.
  • Provide a head shot, speaker biography, title, 3-4 sentence program description and three learner outcomes. These items will be used for marketing purposes.
  • Room layout preference and basic AV needs.
  • Ensure the session is not perceived as an infomercial (NO SELLING ALLOWED).
  • Provide all preprinted handouts for your session
  • Promote your participation in the event using your own social media outlets and liking and sharing those posts and emails from WiBN.


Selection process:

Each submission will be reviewed by the conference planning committee. Sessions are selected to fit with the annual theme of the conference and the content streams that will be presented this year.

Speaker benefits & logistics:

If you are selected to speak at the Leadership Conference, we will waive your attendance fee. We regret that we are not able to cover the cost of travel or lodging for all speakers at this time. By not covering travel costs for our speakers, we are able to keep ticket prices low and to make the conference accessible to the largest number of participants possible.


If you have any questions, please email us at

How to Submit your proposal?

Complete the downloadable application form for consideration for the 2020 WiBN Leadership Conference. Submit completed application along with a presentation sample (PPT or Web Link) to