Discipline is the Deciding Factor

25 Sep 2019
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Discipline is the Deciding Factor

How to Build the Muscle of Your Mind to Do More, Live More, Be More

Most people have a poor attitude toward discipline. That’s because discipline has always been associated with words like pain, suffering and punishment: hard stuff like buckling down on that ambitious plan you’ve had to pivot your business, or writing that book you’ve always wanted to write. It feels much better to simply give in to the desires of the moment: easy stuff like checking social media feeds several times a day or binge-watching Netflix over the weekend.

And yet, when you study the lives of history’s most successful women, they all have one thing in common: the ability to embrace the virtue of discipline. Because in the end, discipline is always the deciding factor. Not talent. Not birthright. Not luck.

This breakout session will:

  • Challenge everything you were taught and always thought about discipline
  • Give you strategies to build more myelin and “rewire your brain” so you can apply newfound discipline to master a difficult task or accomplish an important goal
  • Help you map out a discipline practice you’ll want to follow – starting today