What You Think of Yourself Affects How You Lead

19 Sep 2018
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

What You Think of Yourself Affects How You Lead

Shift your mindset to achieve your full potential

See more of yourself by exploring important topics related to your own self-awareness including your character, meta-perception and the mindsets you hold (of yourself). In particular, we will reflect on the importance of leader character and how it can help us not only think, but also act, “bigger” at work and at home. We will explore gender differences in how leaders anticipate or predict the views that others have of them, and the different outcomes that emerge for men and women from this. Lastly, we will identify two mindsets that individuals can have that affect what they believe they are capable of.

In this session attendees will learn how:

  • Leader character helps us to engage our competencies so we can make good decisions in our life.
  • There are forces, including our own beliefs and perceptions, that can impede the activation of character.
  • Women tend to believe that others do not see them as valuable as they are and there are negative consequences associated with this perception.
  • Women can shift their mindset from a fixed orientation to one of growth in order to pursue excellence.